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AHC N99 Mask Technology

Advind Healthcare introduce to most comfortable and economic mask in Indian market. Keeping in mind the deteriorating air quality in most urban cities in India, we introduce the N99 Grade anti-pollution

face mask. N99 grade anti-pollution face mask ensures the filtration with accuracy of 99.97% of 0.3 micron particulate matter.

The mask has 6 layers filtration that ensures that it works as a respirator in any outdoor or industrial environment.

The activated carbon is prepared with industrial standards to cure you from cross infection and air contamination, also keeps you away from any bad odour around.

Features :

  • 1st filter polyester cloth.
  • 2nd filter micro particulate fiber double layers.
  • 3rd filter bamboo cloth
  • 4th filter Activated carbon cloth
  • 5th filter carbon with silver impregnation
  • 6th filter treated with Neem and Tulsi.

Valve –  2 valve available for hassle free air breathing.

Comfortable ear loop

The life of mask is for 300+ breathing hours.

Washable / reusable

Skin friendly and most comfortable mask.