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Healthier Economy; Healthier Future Air Purification Solutions

The air that we inhale is a mixture of gazillion gases, both innocuous and harmful. While the human body is designed to purify such harmful objects, it is not ideal that we breathe toxic air, consciously or not. We, at ADVIND Healthcare, have indeed developed remedies for this recurring problem. However, it is just only when our customers are aware of the threat we, together, are battling. And these customers can be anybody: individuals at homes, pets, authorities, and officials, workers and employees at a firm or industry. Wherever they are, ADVIND Healthcare and You are facing off the threat that, without realization, existed only outdoors. But tumult began right at those places we spend most of our time: homes and workplaces.

The areas of productivity, the areas where products are produced in the same place receding in proactivity. Indoor air pollution at industries has been on the increase, what with the chemicals and extreme temperatures at which operations on raw materials are performed. Not only does the stress of profitability and productivity add to the employees' task list, but the pollution surrounding high operating industries also adds to the decrease in the welfare of the workers. Health is wealth, which is a proverb, actualized. However, this not put into righteous practice.

Poor IAQ and its causes

IAQ refers to the Indoor Air Quality of a space. It measures the purity and health of the air in the room, determining the value of the Total Suspended Particles (TSPs) in the air. This calculation concludes whether or not the air is healthy to breathe. And the result is a red flag: Unhealthy.

Estimated that almost 1.6 million deaths per year were caused due to poor air quality that led to lung cancer, the main constituent gas behind the cause of these deaths, as observed by the National Cancel Institute (NCI) was radon gas which is commonly found across mere equipment. Office air quality assessment stated that the most common symptoms of ailments due to bad air quality were allergies, consistent headaches, reduced hearing, blurred thinking and difficulty in breathing. With prolonged ignorance, these mere symptoms lead to death. Even in the short duration of time, these office air quality issues lead to irritability and uncalled adverse health and psychological effects.

The most prominent causes driving these ailments at major industries are as follows:

At Food Processing Units:

  • Gardens of vegetables contain the possibility of pollen pollution and mildew and viral growth in food. It leads to fungal or microbial infections in plants and the workers dealing in that sector.
  • Fresh plants or otherwise, odor challenges are not easy to solve. VOCs spread faster than the weed in the cropping grounds.
  • Disinfectants and sterilizing compounds used for food packaging and processing have severe implications.

At Printing and Packaging Industries:

  • Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) are used in inking and printing.
  • Those include extreme chemical components like ethyl components and others that, reversibly cause drastic damage to the workers during inhalation.
  • Solvents like dyes, paints, glues, polymers and degreasing agents cause heavy pollution.

At R&D Centres and laboratories:

  • Many torrid chemicals are used to control the heating and cooling of the rooms, maintenance of scientific equipment and observations which lead to dense effects in the scientists working there.
  • Chemicals left open for results and conclusions can cause unimaginable altercations.

 At Manufacturing Units and Garment Industries:

  • AT textile industries, dyes and pigments are spirits loaded with HAPs that deem uncontrollable odor and equally adverse effects.
  • High temperatures at manufacturing units may lead not just to internal damage but will cause decreased activity and productivity, thanks to poor IAQ.

While many manufacturing, production units operate in an almost hidden atmosphere. The above list was a mere gist of the weak office air quality checks. Indoor air quality standards for an office building in India are set as per the guidelines of significant healthcare centers, the primary heading WHO. But the guidelines are not easily met. Installation of air purifiers that are not smart in the fast world that prevent the fall in production but use traditionally archaic methods is of no use, now. Air purifier effectiveness can only be determined when the quality of air improves with the quality of production in those industrial units. Air purifier efficacy is promised and guaranteed with servicing and productiveness by ADVIND Healthcare where our primary goal to freshen up air for your healthier living.

ADVIND Healthcare solutions:

  • Air Purifier for Dust: In order to eliminate the dust particles in industries, our high-grade true HEPA filters away the dust particles, excellently. The Kazien+ Technology does it using the aluminum pre-filter attached to the high-grade carbon. Air purifier dusts out unnecessary and harmful particles of air. Air purifiers with high-grade True HEPA filters are heavenly for these environments.
  • Air Purifier for Smoke: Manufacturing units know it better when smoke begins to reign the room. When the smoke is released high into the air, being heavy with toxic components, it tends to settle down fast. The after effects are borne by the workers themselves. Our air purifiers’ best buy is the one that controls smoke and purifies the air in a matter of a few quick minutes.
  • ArmourGuard: Specially designed for commercial systems, this technology comprises dual high-grade compound filter which instantly filtrates harmful gases persistent in industrial units.
  • Armoured with smartness, ArmourGuard helps you with monitors that examine the release of dust and comply to your needs according to the industry.
  • LiveAir Nexus: This brand-new technology is an intelligent and thoughtful approach to cure air problems to scavenge air pollution in the habitat. Used as a screen for air purifiers and their effectiveness. LiveAir is used to monitor the change in pollution levels in indoor/outdoor environments.

Air purification is not an obligation. It is a necessity. We offer the best air purifier benefits to you to create a healthier future which can sense it, feel it and breathe it.