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Inside the Living Area

Dust is a primary element which contributes to air pollution indoors. Once it’s inside the house, it settles down and keeps circling throughout the house. Furthermore, these dust particles can easily enter the airway in our body and hence, cause health hazards. They can be the ultimate breeding ground for dust mites and other microbes. Air purifier can easily work to clean up dust mites and the surrounding air without decreasing the air quality. While we bring in our shoes from the outside, we endanger ourselves with air pollutants which are related to many health risks. Gaseous pollutants can easily originate from combustion and through the materials found around the house. 

Air, Or Snare?

(the question of a boy torn between innocence and injustice of air pollution)

Air purifiers have been alarmingly demanded since recent years. On one hand, it is jubilant to know and apply that air can now be purified. However, on the other hand, it is agonizing to notice pollution at indoor arenas. This pollution has been clawing the residents indiscreetly with mild inconvenience, which, when left untreated, might lead to cancer. It is of common knowledge that outdoor air pollution has adverse effects, which could be treated personally by avoiding smoke and dust due to traffic. Or, when severe, with a monitored diagnosis at a clinic or hospital. With medicines, observations, and treatments.

But here’s the challenge: there’s indoor air pollution at hospitals too!

Official Air Quality Check

Air pollution in indoor places has been persistent over decades. Uncontrolled and unaware, it had no such drastic implications as the air quality is now. Innovative but timidly unhealthy solutions were found in such limited space to build and grow. Hospitals are no exception - bad air quality office; indoor air quality in urban office buildings is a nightmare.

The idea of IAQ or Indoor Air Quality in an office is to prevail the concept of involuntary unadulterated breathing of air. The air quality refers to the particle matter of air that ranges between 0.3 to 10 micron. It is unacceptable to practice a system of trial and error with health because this is detrimental. Ironically, nosocomial diseases are now increasing at hospitals.

This breathing of unhealthy air by the patients in the wards, doctors writing their prescriptions and nurses is just making an issue. Housekeeping staff, receptionists and relatives of the admitted patients: every one of them is mildly or severely affected. And the office air quality issues are:

  •  Headaches
  •  Zero alertness
  •  Decrease proactivity
  •  Rapid or difficulty in breathing
  •  Chest pain
  •  Confusion

Office Air Quality Assessment

Indoor air pollution is a mixture of varied reasons that propagate illnesses by means of air. The indoor air quality in an office has been degrading, and its causes that have been listed after fervent researches are the following.

1. Outdoor pollutant dominance : IAQ(O) > IAQ(I)

Despite its factuality, outdoor pollutants heavily discriminate against the indoor pollutants. The traffic fumes and the parking fuels densely act in this matter. Majorly filled with air particles carrying diseases and scents from across the world outside the premises, fingers can be pointed at outdoor pollution.

2. Usage of rooms: Direct proportionality

Research states that densely populated and excessively used rooms such as the reception areas, ICUs, OTs, Paediatrics wards carry the most air toxics. The consistent presence of people and the ineluctable germs that they carry is an addition. Similarly, less used rooms are not very toxic. In spite of being used less, dust and dirt, Volatile Organic Compounds and Total Suspended Particles in the air, compensate.

3. Office equipment: Chemicals compounds and equipment

An obvious yet debatable statement. With the usage of technology in chemistry and advancement, the odor they release in the form of energy is intoxicating. The CO combines with hemoglobin to form a lethal substance that restricts oxygen supply to the body tissues. Formaldehyde, Carbon dioxide, glutaraldehyde, disinfectants, and Mercury cause ill effects to the residents. Polyvinyl chlorides of PCs, medical appliances, tubes, and syringes also give off poisonous gases. The ventilator is no good either. The irregular flow of air will cause the warmer air to rise and the cooler ones to settle down, suffocating the inhabitants.

4. Bioaerosols: The living death

Air particles are impure with protozoans, virus, bacteria, and fungi, etc. cause extensive inconveniences. With Cladosporium bagging the first, followed by Penicillium, and the yeast, these fungi have been the leading cause of aspergillosis in many patients.

5. Physical notations: Seen but unseen

The location and the material of the building built are of major consternation. The more humid the place, more moisture is generated. When this moisture is trapped in the walls, it leads to the growth of micro bacterial colonies. Moreover, the habits of the residents play an essential role.

Severely affecting the patients and individuals who are vulnerable and whose immunity is weaker, it is the characteristic feature of diseases to cause discomfort and pain. And, despite being a short-term solution, air purifier benefits of ADVIND Healthcare, are worth the praise. According to the air purifier consumer reports, our products are increasingly supportive of rapidly decreasing the growth of air-borne diseases. Many air purifier brands are now predominantly taking over the traditional ones. Our brand uses a wide range and variety suitable to your needs.

The air purifiers’ best features offered in many Naturopathy centers, home clinics, Nursing homes, etc. are listed below:

1. Filtration benefits. Numerous layers of filters:

The Kazien+ Technology is constituent of High-grade carbon and Composite Techno filter that act as an air purifiers’ dust and carbon filter. Additionally, this technology also removes VOC, odor, smoke, etc. ArmourGuard Technology consists of a dual ultra-high-grade compound filter with activated carbon and AireyShield filter. Designed for commercial prospects, it meets the indoor air quality standards for office buildings in India

2. Smart purification, Smarter You:

Bidding farewell to those traditional methods of purifying, the air purifier is now smart, enabled with modes and handles operations.

3. Optimization and Economisation:

Not only have we developed a product to ensure air purification, but the products also arrive at your doorstep. They are impeccably furnished with additional features. These include less noise while operation, effective electricity consumption, a vast and wide span of the coverage area.

Listing down many more products will only talk about how efficient they are. Simultaneously implying the strong message we are trying to convey. What doesn’t exist, we need to create it. And when health matters, one needs to make no compromises at all. ADVIND Healthcare’s objective is the same: Sense It, Breathe It, Feel It.