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Frequently Asked Questions For Anti Pollution Masks

Q. Why should I wear a mask?

Ans. Wearing a mask is highly effective and can make your daily life safe as it protects you from airborne particles and contaminants, allergens, harmful gases, bacteria, and viruses.

Q. What are N99 and N95 Masks?

Ans. N99 Masks – N99 Masks provides filtration up to 99.7% from PM 0.3 pollutants, harmful gases, airborne bacteria, and viruses.

N95 Masks - N95 masks provide minimum filtration of 95% and are effectively used against influenza viruses and coronavirus.

Q. What is unique about Advind Healthcare masks?

Ans. At Advind Healthcare we strive to develop cutting-edge technology anti-pollution masks. We exist to help people with the best filtered and purified air to keep health in a good shape. We chose the most skin-friendly fabric and filtration stages to ensure that the user is always safe from harmful air quality challenges.

Q. What is the major difference between N99 and N95 Masks?

Ans. N99 mask can filter out 99.7% of particulate matter whereas N95 mask can filter out 95% of particulate matter. N99 can be used for a longer period of time whereas N95 is good for a shorter duration.

Q. What are the different sizes available in the masks category?

Ans. N99 Masks – Three different sizes are available in N99 Masks.

Sizes Available:

LARGE (23 cm ´ 17 cm) – For people with Weight above 60 Kg 

MEDIUM (21 cm ´ 16.5 cm) – For people with Weight: 40 Kg to 60 Kg

 KIDS (20 cm ´ 14 cm) – For people with Weight: 15 Kg to 40 Kg

Note: Every Human face has variation in shape and size. Thus, it may vary from our recommendation.

N95 Masks – Free Size is available for adults.

Q. Explain the filtration layers of the masks?

Ans. N99 Mask:

Military Grade N99 Mask – It provides six layers protection which includes Polyester Microfiber with Cotton Mix, Two layers of Activated Carbon Fabric, Two layers of Melt blown, Bamboo Fabric/Cotton fabric layer.

Smog Guard N99 Mask - It provides five layers protection which includes Polyester Microfiber with Cotton Mix, Activated Carbon Fabric, Two layers of Melt blown, Bamboo Fabric/Cotton fabric layer.

Smog Guard N95 Mask - It provides four layers protection which includes two layers of Melt blown and two layers of Ultra-Fine Polypropylene Spun bond Nonwoven Fabric.

Q. What is the average usage life of the masks?

Ans. N99 Masks - The N99 mask has a life of 300+ breathing hours.

N95 Masks - The mask has a life of 80 to 90 breathing hours.

Q. Can I wash the masks?

Ans. Yes, one can wash N99 Mask with warm water whereas N95 the mask is reusable but not washable.

Q. What are the maintenance and washing instructions?

Ans.  N99 Mask - To wash the N99 mask, put the mask in soap diluted with warm water. Gently knead, clean and dry for a few hours. Please do not soak in water for a long time and do not bleach, so as not to cause mask distortion and reduce the filtration effectiveness.

Wash your hands carefully with soap and sanitize them before wearing and after removing the mask.

Q. How to wear these masks?

Ans. N99 Masks comes with an adjustable ear loop and a nose clip. Once worn, you need to press the adjustable nose clip against your nose and make a seal across the mask so that there is no air leakage and you are only breathing through the mask. An adjustable head strap is provided to fix your mask better on your face and secure it properly. Every Human has a different shape and size of the face; please refer to the size chart for an accurate size that fits you.

Q. What does the masks protects me against?

Ans. It prevents various air pollutants such as dust particles, smoke, harmful gases, allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

Q. Where can I use my anti-pollution mask?

Ans. Anti-Pollution masks can be used in public places, Hospitals, industries, outdoor activities, while traveling.

Q. What are the advantages of a valve in a mask?

Ans. N99 and N95 masks with an exhalation valve ensure easy breathing. The masks with exhalation valve provide the same protection to the wearer, as one without a valve.

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