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Frequently Asked Questions For Services


Q. What is Air quality testing?

Ans. Air quality testing is done in any specific area to check the concentration of gases and particles present in the air.

Q. How do we know that air quality is good or bad?

Ans. When AQI is less than 50, this means that the air quality is good. AQI values at or below 100 are considered to be satisfactory but above 100, air quality is considered to be unhealthy.


Q. Is it necessary to get air quality tested before taking any purification solution?

Ans. Yes, by air quality testing we will be able to know about the presence of harmful gases and particles in the air and then we can treat them accordingly.

Q. What are the gases or pollutants which are considered as a parameter of air testing?

Ans. Particulate matter, Ozone, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Volatile organic compounds, ammonia are the main pollutants and gases that are considered as a parameter of air quality testing.

Q. Does the air quality also depend on the Humidity and Temperature?

Ans. The atmospheric conditions such as air pressure, temperature, and humidity does affect air quality. Higher humidity can increase the levels of noxious chemicals in the air, which may include ozone and formaldehyde. Mold spores, dust mites, and other allergens survive best in high humidity environments.


Q. What is centralized air solution?

Ans. In a centralized air solution, the customized filters are used in a centralized air conditioner to clean the air.

Q. Does centralized air solution only given in AHUs?

Ans. No, along with AHU centralized air solution can also be provided in TFA unit, FCUs, VRV/VRF, etc.

Q. Do you use any special filters/equipment for purification as AHUs already have filters?

Ans. Yes, the filter used in AHU are capable of capturing large particles but we provide the solution in which particles of size PM 2.5 or even smaller can be captured and also the harmful gases and odour can also be removed.

Q. Do you provide any specific filters in Hospitals, Server rooms, and Data centers?

Ans. Yes, we have specific filters for Hospitals, Server rooms and data centers which can remove the bacteria, Viruses, VOCs, TVOCs, Odours etc.


Q. How many models of air purifiers you have available for rent?

Ans. We have only one model available for rent which is KAPPA1000 that cover up the area of 1000 sq. ft.

Q. What is the minimum or maximum time for which a machine can be rented?

Ans. The minimum time for renting the air purifier is 1 month and the maximum you can rent up to 9 months after that you will have to extend the plan.

Q. Is there any option available for buying the rented machine?

Ans. Yes, you can also buy the same rented machine and the rented amount will be adjusted in the price of the machine.

Q. Can you also provide air purifiers in Hospitals on rent?

Ans. Yes, we also provide the air purifier on rent in Hospitals as well.

Q. What is the min/max coverage area for which you can provide the rental air purifiers?

Ans. We only provide KAPPA 100 for rent purposes which cover an area up to 1000 square feet.


Q. Can you take the PM 2.5 below 10 with your solution?

Ans. Yes, we guarantee to take PM 2.5 below 10 by providing the specific solution for any application.

Q. Do you provide any special filters which can be used in different areas of Hospital like Operation Theatre, ICU, IVF, Centres?

Ans. Yes, we can also provide special filters for OT, ICU and IVF centers according to the demand.

Q. Can you also provide the purification in a building without AHUs?  

Ans. Yes, we can also provide the purification without AHUs in any building just by using our Air Cleaners.  

Q. Is there any option available for regularly monitoring the PM 2.5 in the application where the solution has been provided?

Ans. Yes, we have air quality monitors that can be connected to Wi-Fi and provide the real time PM 2.5 in the application.