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Multiple studies on the nature of pollution and its causes suggest that the increasing pollution level is far more harmful to the environment. It has been concluded that the effects of indoor pollution are 10 times more dangerous than that of outdoor pollution. Many substances constitute this harm including formaldehyde, mildew, bacteria, odor, smoke, virus, pollen, gases, VOCs, PM2.5, pet dander, dust mite, paint fume, etc. ADVIND Healthcare has a line of air purifiers that can keep your indoors smelling good and improve indoor air quality in an office or your home.

Where Are Air Purifiers Most Necessary?

Air Purifiers are necessary inside spaces that will have crowds or a lot of bad odors and heavy machine equipment. These locations usually end up being generally unclean, and the air itself will be affected. These effects tend to last, and so customers will get turned off by the unclean atmosphere inside your pub, restaurant or hotel. Purifying the air is essential to welcome your customers with a sense of freshness. ADVIND Healthcare's air purifiers can clear bad odor, smoke, and other pollutants quickly and efficiently.


Managing the habits of your guests is impossible. Banning smoking inside guest rooms would affect the business. It isn't unusual for the new batch of guests to complain about the stench of cigarettes or cigars in the room, especially when there wasn't much of a time difference before the checkout of the previous guests and the arrival of new ones. That isn't all though, the smell of paint and varnish after having made renovations would also discomfort your guests. The mustiness caused by curtains and limited air circulation also brings foul damp odor to the room. Bad odor and the untidy air are enough for guests to pack their bags and leave. Why risk such a loss when you can quickly fix the room with an air purifier for smoke and odor.


Restaurants and banquet halls can get pretty crowded especially during events or special occasions. A large number of dishes scattered around on tables and the vast array of drinks of different types make for some displeasing scent and surroundings. Strong pungent alcoholic order coupled with steaming hot dishes. Then adding to that the cramped nature of the building will have new customers hesitating before stepping into the place. A purified atmosphere can provide a peaceful evening that will feel comfortable even with the large crowd.

Pubs, Bars and Clubs:

The strong presence of alcoholic beverages of various types on different tables can cause strong odors, but that won't be driving away your customers since after all, they are there for the drinks but what can drive them off is the smell of vomit which isn't unnatural as some customer could get wasted beyond measure and end up making a mess of the place. You could probably get a few bucks out him for maintenance, but that's not going to help with the disturbing smell. Clubs and pubs also have dancefloors so the crowd will be significant and space will be cramped. Clean air is the least you could provide for them.

Gyms, Fitness Clubs and Yoga Centres:

These exercise spaces are often designed with work effectiveness in mind and not air circulation or indoor air purification. This is quite sad because proper respiration of air is critical for the body to function properly. These spaces have a large number of people working in a relatively small area but one that is filled with heavy machinery. Such high activity areas have its inhabitants releasing high levels of carbon dioxide, allergens, dust, and body odor. All of these wills will be found in the indoor air that the guests will inhale. This immensely affects the quality of the guest's workout or exercise session and disturbs their pace.

Spa and Massage Centers:

Spas and massage centers are spaces where body cleansing and rejuvenation is the sole focus. Such locations adopt methods like steam baths, heat massages and many other techniques that leave the allergens and dust of the body in the air. Not to mention the body odor that gets stick to the rooms because of the moisture. Purifying the air is essential for customers to receive genuine results and maximum comfort after the sessions.


Saloons can have hair and dust all over the place. This can subtly affect the comfort of incoming customers. Purifying the air along with cleaning the fallen hair can keep the place looking and feeling fresh. This is especially true for saloons that groom dogs as such establishments will need an air purifier for dog hair or dog mites.

How To Keep Indoor Air Pollution At Bay

Air purifiers have filters of various kinds that can return the air quality to safer levels by negating the indoor pollutants. When it comes to hospitality spaces, only specific filters have relevance. The filters that are needed are the ones that can remove smoke, harmful gases, dirt, and odor.

Activated Carbon Filter:

The carbon is treated with oxygen that opens a large number of pores capable of trapping several pollutants. It is by the principle of absorption that the activated carbon filter functions. Here a gas element bonds with the surface of a solid, in this case, being the carbon itself.


HEPA filter works best in conjunction with activated carbon filter as it achieves highly efficient carbon filtration. This is a wonderful air purifier filter for asthma as it captures airborne pollutants like dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander, etc.

Ultraviolet tube with PCO: This filter is effective in killing microbes from the air. It kills the bacterial pollutants in the air by making use of ultraviolet light that destroys the bacteria coming in contact with it.

Ionizer: Ionizers generate millions of negative ions per cubic meter. These negative ions can keep you fresh and vitalize your mind and body. They can be found near mountains, waterfalls, and forests. Truly nature's purifier!