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Advind Healthcare manufactures products that can keep you safe from the harmful particles in the environment. We are the leading experts in providing the best filtration technology and services for all kinds of Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit (FCU), Treated Fresh Air (TFA) Units and robotic duct cleaning. Advind Healthcare has purifiers for almost all kinds of workspaces and homes. Household, office, hospitals, outdoor, restaurants, and industries. Our filter technology can handle harmful gases, dust, allergens and more. Poor atmospheric conditions and ventilation in home, workspaces and other closed spaces are major catalysts for health problems that affect many individuals. Sick Building Syndrome is a medical condition that is built up over time working in an office or a stressful space with no air regulation and ventilation. This is particularly true for working areas because of a large number of workers cooped up in one office space.

The lack of proper air regulation is often underestimated by the general populace. The proper respiratory function is a direct factor to productivity and stress-free working environments. Our breathing more or less controls our thoughts and being able to take fresh air allows for clearer thinking, a healthier mindset and functioning bodies. Everyone has the right to clean air regardless of their working conditions. At Advind Healthcare, we offer affordable air purifiers that can regulate any harmful contaminants from your environment. With effective HEPA filters, pre-filters, Kaizen technology, and more high-end practices, our purifiers have been given high Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) ratings and has been stated to purify all sort of contaminants.

Employees of different industries also face harmful gases constantly. Electronic manufacturing industries are known for their emission of VOC on a daily basis while printing industries contaminate their air with storage and disposal of chemical and liquid waste. The food processing industries expose their employees to harmful chemicals and fumes while removing odors from their products. To make sure your employees are safe from the harmful effects of your manufacturing, you must install proper air purification products. Advind has affordable purifiers that can keep your employees from harm’s way.