1. How does an air purifier work?

  An air purifier sucks the air inside the room , polluted air passes through all the filters and comes out from outlet as clean air.

2. Where to install the air purifier in the room for better result?

Keep it on the floor at least 6 inches away from the wall.

3. Can air purifier and air conditioner be used in the same rooms?

  Yes both the devices can be used in the same room, but you must ensure that air purifier is not kept just below the air conditioner.

4. Does it work as exhaust in the kitchen?

No, it is not meant to be used as an exhaust in the kitchen.

5. Can air purifiers be used in toilets?

Yes it can be used in the the toilets, but with specific configuration of filtration technology.

6. Is there any child lock in the unit?

Yes, there is child lock in Vinson 400 and Airey 350.

7. What is the right place to keep air purifier in the bed room?

Keep at least two to three feet away from the bed for better and instant relief from pollutants

8. How many hours it should run continuously.?

It can run continuously for 24 hours, but to give a rest for half an hour is good for machine.

9. How much is the life of the changeable filters?

Changeable filter life is 08 to 12 months ( Depend upon usage and environment )

10. What is the role of UV tube in an air purifier?

U. V. Tube kills bacteria and virus.