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ADVIND Healthcare – You own Air Quality Management Solutions Company

With the right to live comes the right to breathe fresh air. How we wish this was as simple as it seems!

Thanks to the alarming rate of increase in air pollution in India, today its citizens are at high risk of developing respiratory disorders. Moreover, those who are already suffering from respiratory problems, suffer from a greater threat. But now no more!

Spreading their roots in several global cities, ADVIND is right here to provide every individual a cleaner air. ADVIND stepped in India in 2014 with a mission to provide the best air quality management solutions, and since then there has been no looking back. Today, it has a global presence and is solely focused on providing indoor air quality solutions that facilitate pure, filtered and healthy air at both, corporate offices as well as homes. Needless to mention, due to its high-quality and performance, ADVIND is today every consumer’s choice, making it #1 air purifier in India.


Ms. Heloise Philip founded ‘ADVIND’ with an aim to deliver an innovative and responsible brand in the name of air purifiers. She holds an experience of about two decades in nutraceutical and dietary supplements. ADVIND was her brainchild to introduce best in class technology for indoor air quality management. She aimed at developing products that enhance air quality and provide unadulterated air, making the environment healthier, in homes as well as corporates. 

Along with ADVIND, she runs a successful food and beverage company with a range of over 60 products. Today, ADVIND is backed by some of the world’s most reputed private equity funds.


“Health is the biggest wealth” - this is what ADVIND believes and delivers! ADVIND protects your lungs by capturing the urban PM air pollution and purifying the indoor air. With its state of the art technology, it aims to remove impurities along with other airborne irritants and provide uncontaminated air. As a result, it not only reduces allergic reactions and asthma attacks but also educates people about the best ways to improve the indoor and outdoor air quality.

At ADVIND, our vision is to provide better air quality monitoring and sustainable air quality management system for retail users and commercial establishments. We are taking steps towards becoming a global leader in air purification by reducing asthma, allergies and air borne diseases, and making the world a healthier place to live.