Indoor air is now proven to be ten times more polluted as compared to outdoor air. With many affecting pollutants, the indoor air quality has drastically worsened. Most of these pollutants remain undetected to the naked eye like bacteria, pollen, dust mites, etc. The invisible air pollutants hold the capacity to cause serious health issues. ADVIND Healthcare air purifier for the home can be used to remove pollutants from the air effectively. There's a wide range of air purifiers specifically designed to combat the rising levels of air pollution.

Inside the Living Area

Living rooms consist of carpets which can essentially emit a particular scent. This is due to the release of organic compounds like acetone, toluene, etc. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause headaches, allergies, and even throat and eye irritation. Moreover, synthetic carpets contain naphthalene which is very toxic to newborn babies. If you want to ensure your child’s health, it’s best to consider an air purifier for baby. Exposure to these toxins can negatively affect your overall health like decreased fertility, liver diseases, and more.

Dust is a primary element which contributes to air pollution indoors. Once it’s inside the house, it settles down and keeps circling throughout the house. Furthermore, these dust particles can easily enter the airway in our body and hence, cause health hazards. They can be the ultimate breeding ground for dust mites and other microbes. Air purifier can easily work to clean up dust mites and the surrounding air without decreasing the air quality. While we bring in our shoes from the outside, we endanger ourselves with air pollutants which are related to many health risks.Air purifier for asthma helps to eliminate the presence of pollutants in the air while improving your respiratory health. Gaseous pollutants can easily originate from combustion and through the materials found around the house. Smoke from tobacco, wood, or even vehicle exhaust can increase the number of air pollutants indoors.

While household pets can be fun to have, their upper skin layers frequently shed which contributes to indoor air pollution. The uppermost skin layer of pets sheds as dead skin flakes and spread into the air. These flakes can worsen the air quality inside your house while simultaneously welcoming health risks. Owning an air purifier for pets can be very beneficial to keep away the pet dander.

The Bedroom

Cleaning up your house using cleaning products may not be the best choice as they contain harmful chemicals. This worsens the air quality instead of doing any good. Even the natural fragrance of the products can be harmful to health with their dangerous pollutants. They consist of chlorine, petrol, alcohol, and ammonia which can cause eye and throat irritation. Additionally, they can boost allergies and headaches while contributing to respiratory diseases. Air purifier for the home can substantially help in fighting the air pollutants present inside your house.

The Kitchen Surrounding

The irritating smoke beside your stove can be worrisome as the gas stoves release nitrogen dioxide gas. This reacts with the air to create toxic air pollutants which can fuel the irritation of lungs. According to the EPA, prolonged exposure to nitrates can lower your overall resistance to respiratory infections. Air purifier filters can successfully filter out the breeding grounds of toxic air and impurities.

Air pollutants in School

Kids spend a large part of their day inside the school. Therefore, it's essential to take the air quality inside the school environment into account. The respiratory system of kids is not that immune to toxic air pollutants, and hence, they can fall ill easily. Health risks like headaches, fatigue, and asthma attacks are becoming very common among school students. Air purifier filters can help in enhancing the quality of the air inside school classrooms. The old school buildings with poor maintenance of labs, restrooms, and classrooms are significant contributors to the rising level of air pollution indoors. This is one of the top reasons why air purifiers for schools should be a must.

Inside Creche and Daycare

Poorly ventilated buildings along with toxic allergens and chemicals can worsen the air quality surrounding children in daycare. Furthermore, this can boost the rapid spread of airborne diseases with viruses and bacteria. This can severely affect children in close contact with each other. Air purifiers can help in cleaning up the air of allergens, chemicals, odors, and asthma triggers. Additionally, it will help in eliminating the airborne bacteria, viruses, and different mold spores. For a happy and healthy creche and daycare environment, air purifiers can do wonders.

Using Household Air Purifier Benefits

In metro cities, the indoor air can be easily polluted by outdoor and indoor air pollutants. With the lack of proper ventilation, the air quality worsens which can lead to various health risks. Dust mites, pet hair, chemicals, and foul odor can cause harmful diseases. To counter and fight the air pollutants, air purifier filters can stand as the best remedy.

Kaizen+ Technology: With a safe and effective filtration technology, ADVIND Healthcare provides top-tier air purifiers. The air purifiers come with the Kaizen+ Technology which comprises of aluminum pre-filters. Additionally, it comes with high-grade carbon filter and true HEPA+ composite techno filter. This ensures the best quality of air around your house without any health risks. It can remove ultra-fine air particles in the air and hence, work prominently to eliminate 99.98% of airborne allergens.

ArmourGuard Technology: It comes with a high-grade compound filter which can remove industrial compounds from the air. Our wide range of air purifier products can work to serve room sizes up to 1800 sq. Ft. The filtration techniques do not release any ozone or other harmful chemicals into the air. Our products are completely safe for children and work efficiently to remove air pollutants from the air. Get the extra protection inside your household right away to combat the increasing level of air pollution. We provide ideal air purification solutions with the highest of standards to enhance air quality.