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According to recent studies, offices continue to ignore the critical aspect of maintaining healthy air quality. The increasing concentration of air pollutants in office buildings is alarming. In some of the cases, the toxic pollutants have accumulated over the years and can severely affect the health of employees working in the building indoors. Many direct and indirect factors contribute to the degrading air quality which brings about many health risks. This includes the age of the building, the architecture, maintenance, sanitation systems, and more. Using air purifiers can efficiently deal with the increasing levels of air pollution in office environments. Investing in an efficient air purified office could help in creating a healthier workplace.

Within the Working Station

Most offices have centralized air conditioners which are present to circulate cool air around. However, these air conditioners keep circulating the stale air around without any proper purification. In most of the office environments, these systems are not even cleaned regularly which adds on to bad air quality. Furthermore, this puts all the employees and workers at risk from the growing molds. It could result in many health risks like bacterial infections and even respiratory diseases. The air purifier can help to eliminate the pollutants in the indoor air. Additionally, with many people in the same room, the amount of carbon dioxide increase in a room. The crowds in a room could result in increased levels of carbon dioxide in the air. With elevated CO2 levels, employees may suffer from dizziness, headaches, nausea, and other health conditions. The moist plants kept for decoration in the office space can be a significant breeding ground for molds and bacteria. Hence, office spaces can turn into an incubator for diseases to bloom. It's a lot more than just a health problem. According to many studies, decreased air quality in the office area can substantially affect the productivity of employees. The negative impact on workers results due to the decreased cognitive functions. Air purifiers can help a lot in delivering excellent quality of air with comprehensive protection from air pollutants. With the many benefits of air purifiers, it can effectively work to neutralize the air quality for a healthier working space.

Data Center and Server Rooms: Not exceptions to Pollutants

The indoor air quality in an office can be primarily affected by the ventilation inside the rooms. The compact rooms in an office building like the data center or server rooms do not have adequate ventilation. High humidity levels are the perfect environment for the growth of molds. Improper ventilation leads to a high concentration of moisture and humidity. This leads to severe deterioration of the air quality which could bring in many health hazards. Even in newer buildings, the office spaces are prone to volatile organic compounds. This could result from the office furniture, cleaning materials, paper supplies, and more. As compared to household air pollution, the concentration of air pollutants in office is much higher. To deal with office air quality issues, air purifiers stand as a practical solution.

Even the computers, photocopiers, and varied electrical equipment contribute to the indoor air quality in an office. They can produce a large amount of ozone, a toxic gas which can trigger asthma and cause lung irritation. For example, the laser printers present inside the office can emit dangerous fine particulates in the air. This largely contributes to the bad air quality office indoor air quality in urban office buildings.

Inside the Cafeteria

In many office spaces, employees have access to the cafeteria. The lingering smell from the cafeteria can cause lung irritation and even trigger allergies. The crowds of people visiting the area can deteriorate the air quality to a large extent. With the internally generated contaminants, air purifiers could come to the rescue to provide a fresh and clean environment.

Inside the Restrooms

Many offices make use of harmful cleaning products to clean the restrooms. Instead of providing relief to the environment, the harmful chemicals present in the products can worsen the air quality. Floor polishes and chlorine with bleach are commonly used to clean the space.

The strong fragrance of these chemical ridden products can add on to the health risks. As many people use the restrooms, the risk of health hazards increases. Air purifiers can help in keeping strong smells at bay and eliminate the pollutants in the air.

In the office environment, people might be suffering from common cold, viral flu, etc. Within the enclosed space with no proper air filtration, the disease-causing particles can easily spread. This could readily affect the overall productivity and efficiency of the employees. To improve the indoor air quality in an office, air purifiers can be the best solution.

Different Air Purifier Benefits:

Air purifiers can be very beneficial in improving the air quality in an office space. Air purification solutions offered by ADVIND Healthcare is effective for both commercial and household use. These air purifiers work to the best of their capacity to reduce the many risks of health hazards. The high-performing air purifiers are equipped with the Kaizen+ Technology and ArmourGuard Technology along with HEPA filters. When the office air passes through the air purifiers, varied allergens, harmful gases, viruses, bacteria, and odor are filtered out effectively. The high-grade carbon filters function to remove the air contaminants. These products have a range of about 1800 sq. ft. to deal with the air pollutants.

With a cleaner and healthier airspace, office employees can be more productive at their jobs. The filtration techniques used in our products ensures to filter ultra-fine particles as small as 0.01 microns. Our products are capable of capturing about 99.99% of airborne pollutants which can cause many health hazards.

As compared to residential air qualities, the indoor air pollution in an office space can be difficult to determine. Providing a pleasing environment will enhance the performance of employees. With air purifier solutions from ADVIND, make your workplace healthier with better air quality.