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Indoor air is now proven to be ten times more polluted as compared to outdoor air. With many affecting pollutants, indoor air quality has drastically worsened. Most of these pollutants remain undetected to the naked eye like bacteria, pollen, dust mites, etc. The invisible air pollutants hold the capacity to cause serious health issues. ADVIND Healthcare air purification solutions for the home can be used to remove pollutants from the air effectively. 

Inside the Living Area

Dust is a primary element which contributes to air pollution indoors. Once it’s inside the house, it settles down and keeps circling throughout the house. Furthermore, these dust particles can easily enter the airway in our body and hence, cause health hazards. They can be the ultimate breeding ground for dust mites and other microbes. Air purifier can easily work to clean up dust mites and the surrounding air without decreasing the air quality. While we bring in our shoes from the outside, we endanger ourselves with air pollutants which are related to many health risks. Gaseous pollutants can easily originate from combustion and through the materials found around the house.